Setting up the WiFi

WiFi and Ethernet are already set up on the LabVIEW image. However, sometimes the WiFi SSID and password must be changed.

Download the WiFi Tool Project

The LabVIEW project for modifying the WiFi can be downloaded here.

Connecting to the WiFi

When the VMX is powered on, the default WiFi of the LabVIEW image will be active.


WiFi Settings

  • SSID: high-genius

  • PASS: high-genius

Connect to the WiFi by selecting high-genius and using high-genius as the password.


Changing the WiFi

  1. Open LabVIEW 2020 Community Edition and select File -> Open Project.

  2. Select the HG_WSI_Tool xx.lvproj that was downloaded above.

  3. Connect the project to the VMX Target by right-clicking on Raspberry Pi ( and selecting Connect.

  4. A window will pop up showing the project trying to establish a connection.

  5. The tiny green dot next to the Raspberry Pi ( should now be bright green.

  6. Click on the plus next to the Raspberry Pi ( and double click on WIFI

  7. The WiFi Setup vi will open up.

  8. Change the Name and Password to what is required for you.


    The Name and Password must be more 8 digits.


    Here the Name / SSID will be set to StudicaLabVIEW, and the password will be set to password.

  9. Select the Restart after final? push button.


    This will reboot the VMX after the WiFi has been set.

  10. Hit the run button to execute the change.

  11. A window will pop up saying the connection has been lost. Hit ok.

  12. Checking the WiFi again, we can see that the change has occurred.

  13. To check that everything is still working, repeat steps 3 to 5 to check that the project can still connect to the VMX.