VMX OS Image

The VMX contains a specifically built version of raspbian buster that will run on a raspberry pi. The prefered raspberry pi is the 4B however, it will work on the 3B+ and Zero W.

The OS image can be downloaded here.


The image download is 4GB!

Once downloaded a flashing software is required to flash the image to the SD Card. The recommended software to do this is Etcher.


It is highly recommended to use a Samsung 32GB EVO Plus micro SD card.


To start flashing the SD card first plug the SD card into your computer. Open Etcher, you will notice that it has auto detected the SD card. If it has not detected the SD card you can manually select and find it.


Hit Select image and find the SD.img.gz file that was downloaded before.


Flash will now be available. Hit Flash to start flashing the SD card image to the SD card. Note this can take a while depending on your computer. The image has been compressed from 32GB to 2.07GB, which also helps in the flashing time.


After flashing Etcher will automatically start to validate the flash to ensure that the flash was successful.


When complete the SD card will be auto ejected and can be stuck directly back into the VMX.