Deploying To The Robot

A few steps will be followed to deploy the code to the VMX / Robot.

Ensure Target is set to VMX


The VMX must be connected to the internet for this step to work!

Using the WSR VMX extension, the command VMX WSR: Set the deploy target to VMX (from RoboRIO) will be used.

This will ensure that the project is configured for the VMX and run a build to download and cache the correct files for the VMX.

Connect to the VMX WiFi AP

Once the development computer is connected to the VMX via the VMX WiFi AP, the code can be deployed to the VMX. To deploy the code us the extension WPILib and use the command WPILib: Deploy Robot Code. The command will deploy the compiled code onto the VMX for the robot manager to run.

Team Number is not 1234

If the VMX team number is not 1234, the team number will have to be set correctly. To set the team number correctly, use the WPILib extension and the command WPILib: Set Team Number. The command palette will ask for a team number to be entered, and then save the team number hit Enter. It is a good idea to rebuild the project code if the team number is changed. To rebuild the project code us the extension WPILib and the command WPILib: Build Robot Code