End of Lesson ExercisesΒΆ

Answer the following questions on a piece of paper to fully understand the lesson content. Some questions might require you to research further.

  1. Who owns Java now?

  2. What is the programming language used by Android?

  3. What version is the current Java language specification?

  4. Explain the difference between JDK and JRE.

  5. Is Java case sensitive?

  6. Java contains keywords, can you list 20 of them?

  7. What is a statement? How do you end a statement in Java?

  8. What is the difference between print and println?

  9. What is the filename extension for a Java source and bytecode?

  10. What is the command to compile and run a Java program?

  11. Can the Java bytecode run on any device or machine?

  12. Are there any limitations to the Java compiler?