End of Lesson Exercises

Answer the following questions on a piece of paper to fully understand the lesson content. Some questions might require you to research further.

  1. What is a CPU and what unit is the speed measured in?

  2. List the six components of a machine and provide an explanation of each.

  3. What unit is memory measured in?

  4. How many cores does the CPU on your computer have?

  5. There are eight bits to a byte, how many bits are in 8 MB (megabytes)?

  6. Why is memory referred to as RAM?

  7. What is the major difference between memory and storage?

  8. What are some other input and output devices that machines can have?

  9. What is the language used by the CPU to execute instructions?

  10. Why was the assembly and the assembler created?

  11. List 10 other high-level languages and give an explanation of each.

  12. What is the compiler for C++ called?

  13. GitHub calls their year end report “The State of the ______”.