Using the Control Station Console

The control station console is an easy to use program to enable and disable the VMX. To start using the control station console open the Control Station Console.exe on your desktop or start menu.

Operation start screen

The console will ask you to enter your robots IP address. If your team number is 1234 then using the format 10.xx.xx.2 your IP address will be If you have an ethernet connection to the robot the IP address will be

Operation loading screen

The console will then connect the Shuffleboard key to your IP address and launch Shuffleboard for you.

Control Station Console Main Screen

Operation main screen
  1. Battery Voltage Indicator - This will tell you the current voltage of the battery. When the battery starts to approach 11.5V it is time to replace with a charged battery.

  2. Robot Current State - This is the state indicator for the robot. As pictured the robot is in Teleoperated and is Disabled. When the robot is enabled you will see a Teleoperated Enabled status instead.

  3. IP Address you punched in and what is being used.

  4. Quit (q) - press q on the keyboard to quit.

  5. Set enabled (e,d) - press e to enable the robot and press d to disable the robot.

  6. Set Control Mode (o,a,t) - Sets the control mode, currently as pictured the console is in Teleoperated mode.

    • o is Teleoperated

    • a is Autonomous

    • t is Test

  7. Status Indicators - These are some flags to show you that connections are present. There are three flags Robot Comms, Robot Code, and Joysticks.

    • Robot Comms will indicate that the console is talking with the robot.

    • Robot Code will indicate that there is valid code running on the robot.

    • Joysticks will indicate that there is a joystick plugged in.